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Reviews: Testimonials

The 3 moving men where excellent. Not only did they show up at Uhaul rental place to pick up my Uhaul and drive it to my place they where patient as the reservation was messed up. They even helped back my vehicle so I could take everything and not leave anything behind. They even helped me when I was stressing out. And then they drove the uhaul to my new location for me. Very polite and helpful men. I would use again if I stayed in Arizona

Sara N.

Brian and his team did an amazing job moving my household of 6 today, I am very pleased with how easy everything was from my end. They are professional, responsive and took a high level of care with all of my items. I had a budget and Brian worked with me to make sure my main needs were addressed, and went above and beyond with communication and execution. I hired a four man crew and they powered through my 5 bedroom house, working hard to meet my hour my deadline. They brought pads, wrapped everything, and took the time to pack everything very neatly maximizing the truck space to its full capacity.

I've worked with many moving companies being in property management, and they by far are one of the best. I would highly recommend them. I will be using them for my company later on this month as we move offices.

Lindsay D.

Brian was responsive and helpful in providing a quote to our unusual job. Scheduling was a breeze. Would recommend J & J!

Tim T.

Brian and his team were amazing! The guys were so nice and friendly and did a wonderful job moving my belongings. If your looking for great movers at an affordable price give them a call.

Danielle D.

Fantastic experience with their entire team! They disassembled all of the cubicles in our office and transported all furniture to our storage unit. They were friendly, polite, professional and very careful with all of our items. I would highly recommend J&J to anyone look for a personal or professional move.

Jennifer S.

I had a small project--just moving some furniture around in my home--so not technically a "move" involving a truck.
A very small job and very last minute.
Brian, the owner, responded to my request for a quote on Sunday of Labor Day weekend.  I received several quotes from Yelp reviewed companies. They all responded quickly, but J & J was faster on the draw, more responsive and more understanding of the nature of the job.
They took a deposit from me on Tuesday and set up for 7am-9am on Wednesday. The crew leader called me, as requested 30 minutes ahead of time and they were exactly on time.
Very courteous, polite and professional crew. Very careful and methodical. The job was completed in less than two hours and they cleaned up everything prior to leaving.
I absolutely recommend this company and would use them again. Based on their other reviews (another reason I hired them) it seems many other people do too.

Jeffrey L.

Brian and his team are fantastic!   They were able to accomodate our move on fairly short notice, were very communicative through the whole process, and responded to all of my questions within a short period of time.   The guys were efficient, careful, and knowledgeable about the work they were doing.   I could not have asked for a better crew to work with.   I hired 3 guys to help with the move, the rates were reasonable and they were done in under 3 hours.   I highly recommend J & J!!!

Emily B.

Loved that Brian was super responsive and did a great job communicating with me ahead of our moving day. He brought a crew of 6 movers to tackle our 4 bedroom house and they got our stuff loaded without any hassle. I would recommend them again. Thanks Brian & crew!!

Brooke E.

We hired J & J to do our move and they were very efficient and respectful of moving everything over to our new house. Even got some pointers about how to move certain items (like our nice TV) that we weren't aware of and that previous movers hadn't brought up. Would definitely recommend them for your next move and they had a fair rate!

Dima G.

Highly recommend this company ! I needed movers last minute and they were there the next morning, very professional, on time & very organized ! Will definitely be using them in the future.

Roxann C.

Moving my spa to backyard and company was able to fit me in last minute. They made sure to protect the spa and move it carefully. Great follow though. I will definitely use them again!

Cindy L.

I highly recommend J & J moving experts, I needed movers last minute and Brian was there the next day, Brian was very professional, was on time and wrapped my furniture. I will definitely be calling this company again for any future moving.

Sonia E.

Good communication and service. I hired them to move into a new house, which also included a second trip to a storage unit. Movers were an efficient team. Furniture was wrapped nicely. Their quote was competitive. Highly recommend!

Jenn H.

From now on, we won't be moving every again without owner Brian Jones and his excellent staff at J&J. When a mover we had scheduled completely abandoned us without notice on the day we were supposed to move, J&J stepped up and gave up their Sunday to move us. Brian, Brion and Tyler showed up, were absolute professionals, carefully and expertly wrapped up our furniture, mirrors, etc. and got them to our new home with zero issues. They hustled the entire time, were courteous and funny, and accommodated our every request. Brian also gave us moving and packing tips along the way. What a great guy. J&J went above and beyond to help us out and we're very grateful. And J&J's prices are very reasonable and they didn't take advantage of the tough spot we were in. We've already told a friend who is moving in October about J&J and will continue to spread the word about this great company and the people who work there. Thanks again to a great small business.

Martin B.

They were very fast paced and efficient throughout my move yesterday. We had three guys who moved all of our furnitures and boxes within four apartment down the flight of stairs. They took care of all of our furnitures, they disassemble, wrapped and reassembled afterwards. No damages were made to any items. Highly recommend J&J moving experts to anybody who wants to move.

Vy N.

Very friendly, efficient, fast movers. Treated my furniture like there own and wrapped everything. Will definitely use them again. They put my things in storage and will be moving it back out in about 3 months. Definitely recommend

Candy S.

Very professional and thorough work.  Very quick, safe and respectful of the property as well.  Would certainly use again and highly recommend.

Cody F.

I needed to rearrange my house and move some stuff to another condo. This moving company was so good at being prompt. Communication before and during was very easy and they are very nice. Even though they charged an hourly rate, they moved very quickly and made my family feel like our time was a priority to them! They were very careful with our stuff and moved in a timely fashion. Would definitely use them every time I move!

Grace C.

First off, let me say I did not have ample notice that I would be moving- less than a day. I had been preparing to homeschool my 5 children for the 4th year in a row. We have been in quarantine  for months, and had tons of items I just didn't have time to sort or dismantle, desks and beds, my TV still mounted to the wall. I was not ready, but had to make short notice arrangements. By some matter of luck, I hired these guys through a third party.

This was my first time having outside help to move, I was feeling very overwhelmed, but when I spoke with the owner of J & J Moving Experts, he put my anxious mind to rest. We set up the time for the guys that came out to help me move, and they did incredible. Even though I did my best to try packing up and organize all day, it still would have taken me days to get done what these guys did in a matter of hours.

There was open communication with the owner and crew throughout the process. It was great Team Work and super professional attitudes from these men that got everything dismantled, carefully wrapped, and out of the house. I appreciate every minute of help, worth the price for the quality. They definitely earned 5 stars and I'd recommend anyone in AZ to hire them.

Jessica T.

Brian and his team were fantastic.  His was one of several responses to my Yelp request, but he was fast, reached out with a few questions and gave me a firm quote and time.  On the day (today) he was early and finished more quickly than expected, without issues.  I would highly recommend J & J Moving Experts to anyone, and I personally will be using them again shortly to move everything in my current storage unit to one closer to my current location.

Les B.

I wasn't sure I was going to be able to move and pack within the timeframe I needed. I had scheduled another moving company who backed out on me five days before I needed movers to come pack and move me. When I called Brian was very quick to offer assistance and put my mind at ease. I don't know how but somehow he was able to not only get me scheduled for packing but also moving services. The packing services weren't amazing but for a last minute solution worked. The moving took longer than expected so overall I ended up paying more than we had originally discussed. However, all that being said I did get moved and they did so in the heat to a 3rd floor apartment. The quality of packing wasn't what I would have expected; some boxes were packed well and labeled, others my stuff was just thrown in, and boxes not labeled. During the move the crew was good in taking direction but because not all boxes were labeled as they came in I had to open them in order to direct them. I removed a star because the total spend for this move was a bit pricey considering I only moved 5 miles, I still had to move some things myself after and unpacking has been hard given how poorly some boxes were packed.

I would say hire this crew for moving because Brian and crew were great communicating during the move and helped me out in a pinch. If I were to do it again I would do the packing but that's not a slight against this team but preference and due to cost.

Brian is one of those people who makes you feel like he'll take care of you and he will to the best of his ability. I'd recommend you call him for your move because he definitely knows how to get the job done!

D M.

I called J&J Moving experts when I needed to be out of my place immediately, they were able to accommodate me on short notice, they beat the prices of all the moving companies I called before them. They were professional, on time and I couldn't ask for more from them, their motto should be "home of the stress free moving experts".

Shaffi H.

I had the pleasure of interacting with a crew of 4 from J & J moving experts.  These guys moved our 4 bedroom single story home into a double level home.  They had to take the washer and dryer, all bedroom furniture and loft furniture to the 2nd floor. In addition, boxes after boxes as well.  They took great care with our items.  I was very pleased with our moving experience and will use them again.

Joyce S.

J&J did a great job with our move. Brian brought a big team out to move our 4 BR, 3 BR, 2900 sq ft house. They all worked really well together and were very friendly. Throughout the whole move they communicated with each other and us constantly to make sure everything ran smoothly. They were also super knowledgeable about pianos, which made me feel better about moving our baby grand to the new house. The whole move took 8.5 hours, which included 2 runs plus a quick trip to our storage unit. I was hoping it would be a little faster, but they were definitely hustling, so I guess we just have a lot of stuff! Overall, we were pleased!

Tera D.

I was scrambling last minute to schedule movers and Brian was responsive and very helpful. The movers were very through and careful, making sure furniture was wrapped and didn't get damaged as well as boxing up my tv. They made moving from a 3rd floor apartment to another 3rd floor apartment a lot less stressful and were efficient. Well worth the money and would definitely use them for a move again in the future!

Katie S.

I needed help quickly for a family emergency. Brian, the owner, was kind and understanding. His movers were polite and efficient.  They truly have helped to make a very difficult experience for our family just a little bit easier. I would recommend them highly, and I would hire them a heartbeat.

Paula S.

I called about five or six moving companies in the area and I knew right away that I wanted to work with Brian because of his polite nature. He made it clear that "you're the boss". He brought all of the supplies I needed to protect my items and moved quickly and efficiently. He made sure to understand where i wanted things so that he could pack the trailer accordingly...I made a temporary move and will be moving again soon in another 4-8 weeks. I will definitely be using them again. Thanks Brian and Tyler, you guys are great !

   Aireal O.

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